ART ⎮ My simple portfolio



As an art student it is important to always have some sort of workmap or portfolio near you. You never know when someone is curious about what you’re doing and wants to see your work. Making a portfolio on the other hand, it not that easy. I’ve been struggling for a while to make a practical, accessible portfolio that’s also lightweight and easy to travel with. Fortunately, I had the chance to collaborate with to make a quick and easy photo book with their service. Read More »

OOTD ⎮ Rainy days


Outfit inspired by rainy weather, american football and that 70’s show. While every celeb is posting pictures of their Coachella outfits, I’m sitting here enjoying the last chilly days of the year. Rain is the perfect excuse to stay inside, sit on the couch and watch cheesy Netflix series. That’s all I need.

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ART ⎮ My work

tek3(click images to enlarge)

To start my art series on this blog, I’m going to show you some of the artworks I make. As an artist, drawing is one of the most important things in my life. It is a way of expressing myself, as well as a way to give life meaning. 

The main theme in my work is the society’s view on design, consumption and art. Interior and furniture design balances on the thin line between art and consumerism. Designer objects, such as chairs, tables, decoration,.., have a high status in our society. The problem is, some of these objects are often purely aesthetic, rather that functional. However, we as consumers are very pleased by the aesthetics itself, the functionality doesn’t matter.

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